Antonino Sciortino

The lightness of iron |

A courtyard in the former industrial area of Milan houses the laboratory and home of Antonino Sciortino, an artisan-artist, who has been able to reinterpret the ancient art of ironworking into a modern design language.
Born in Sicily, he began to learn the craft at the early age of eight in the familiy’s blacksmith’s shop. Simultaneously he developed a passion for dance, leading to a successful career as a dancer and choreographer.
At the age of forty he made a U-turn and started a new artistic adventure, returning to his roots as a metalsmith. Still connecting with his past, the lightness of dance is expressed in his iron works.
This month Elle Decor Italia freatured his light flooded apartment, showing his artistry and sense for harmony and modernity. …

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Images Borrowed From ELLE DECOR ITALIA | June 2015

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